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                  ZHEJIANG TAIZHOU SANPU MOULD CO., LTD. is located in The Town of Moulds in China -- Huangyan, 4.5 hours' drive from Shanghai and 3 hours' drive from Hangzhou. And 20 km from Huangyan Airport, 17 km from Haimen Harbor, 5 km from the railway station (under construction). The company is of convenient traffic.

                  Our company is specialized in manufacturing plastic injection moulds for auto parts, we have made moulds for FAW-VOLKSWAGEN, GENERAL MOTOR, VISTEON, SAIC, CHERRY and NISSAN. At present, we have expanded our business into high precision moulds of electronic components and electronic appliances.

                  The company has introduced CAD/CAM/CAE design system, CNC machining center, and has developed a group of experienced workers. By adopting the concept of people oriented, we absorb new members every year.
                  In nowerdays fierce competition, we hold the belief that good coorperation originates from combination of reasonable price, good quality and complete service.

                  Our advantages lies in moulds of front and rear bumper, auto boards, instrument board, fender, mud guards, and interior decoration moulds of auto headrest, atm rests, auto door pull, seat decorations, and so on.
                  We can also provide plastic articles for customers who need our manufacturing service.